Darth Vader robs Chase bank

Yesterday will be a day long remembered, for it saw the robbing of a bank by Darth Vader ... and soon the fall of the rebellion.

Seriously though, Lord Vader really did show a Setauket, N.Y., bank the power of the Dark Side on Thursday, after he executed one of the most shocking heists in American history.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., Vader -- in full uniform, minus the appropriate leather pants -- walked into the Chase branch brandishing a firearm (instead of his trusty lightsaber.) Nevertheless, most customers regarded his appearance as some sort of joke until he ordered everyone onto the ground with his mind (we assume).

Having found new ways to motivate the bank teller -- are you getting all these Star Wars references? -- the 6-foot-ish bandit received an undisclosed amount of money and took off on foot, instead of his custom TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter. He was pursued by one of the customers, whose lack of faith caused him to lose the thief after a short chase.

Keep reading for another photo and video taken outside the bank.

Stranger still, this wasn't the only pop-culture-related robbery this week. In Oklahoma, a woman held up a McDonald's with a pair of men's undies paperclipped to her face, making her look like the Hamburglar.

Thankfully, there is a video report from outside the Chase branch hold-up by that James Earl Jones wannabe. Unfortunately, there appears to be no actual live-action footage, probably because Vader mentally erased it, Sith-style.