When your girlfriend gives you the dreaded "Let's just be friends"-speech, don't overreact. Many guys, in a fit of anger, would proceed to burn every other bridge linking he and his newly minted ex, including deleting her from his list of friends on Facebook.

This course of action is a mistake.

Put on your "Bruce Willis"-face and remember these 10 reasons for keeping up cyber-appearances. Whether or not you take these directives seriously is, of course, entirely up to you ...

1. It Will Help You Get Over Her
Ultimately, she's still human, and when you read some of the dumb things she posts, it'll remind you of the things you hated about her ... like her jokes.

2. It Shows You're Over Her (Even if You Aren't)
Yes, you hate her and still love her, but your friends will only give you a week before you become the weird, sad guy.

3. It Makes Spying on Her Easier
Back in the day, a man had to risk a restraining order to learn his ex's every move. Now, she makes it easy with status updates.

4. You'll Know Whom to Avoid
Mutual friends will take sides. Find out who's on her side via wall posts. That's as good a way as any to divide up mutual friends.

5. To Remember Her
Some of us date so much, it's hard to keep track. Especially since no one has a little black book anymore. Even if this isn't true, it's sounds really cool when you say it.

6. It Shows You're a Good Guy
Women don't stay friends with guys who treated them poorly. (They just break up with good guys in order to date them.) When your new girlfriend sees that all your exes haven't blocked you, she'll know you're not a cheater or bad person.

7. It Proves You're an Adult (Even if You Aren't)
Something as petty as deleting someone from Facebook is a gesture an important man wouldn't even waste time worrying about.

8. To Mess With Her New Boyfriends
When she updates her relationship status, he's yours. Make his online life hell.

9. To Make Her Jealous
There is nothing better than making an ex jealous. It's a feeling sweeter than first falling for her. And with your new single lifestyle, you'll have plenty of photos to make her jealous.

10. There Are Better Revenge Tactics
If you delete her, you ruin your chances at a much better revenge in the future when she's not expecting it. If you notice she's celebrating her sister's graduation at a bar on a particular night, show up on a date with the best friend she secretly hates. Every girl has that "frien-emy."