The attendees of the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention
in Irving, Texas, have taken a break from endless rounds of "Halo," "Super Smash Bros." and "Donkey Kong" to turn some sofa cushions and a 5-and-a-half-foot bar table into a hurdling contest.

The crowd cheers the loudest when Keith Apicary, a game-loving man-child played and created by comic actor Nathan Barnatt clears the makeshift obstacle.

Barnatt spends entire weekends at comic and game conventions like these as Apicary, a shirtless wonder with drug-store glasses and a frizzy receding hairline. His popular video series "Talking Classics" infuses video games with Borat-style comedy and features him getting into more than his fair share of trouble with security guards at events such as E3 and Comic-Con.

Most recently, he interrupted a live interview on G4's "Attack of the Show" during the E3 gaming convention to ask host Olivia Munn if she knew where he could find the new "Sega Dreamcast 2." He also crashed a panel featuring directors Peter Jackson and James Cameron at last year's Comic-Con by running on stage with his Sega Menacer gun, attempting to score a drink of their water.

"Nothing really bad has happened," Nathan tells Asylum. "Maybe Comic-Con was the worst because they were the most aggressive physically -- that was the most trouble I've gotten in. I don't care if I have to spend a night in jail. As long as I've got good footage, it's worth it and I have a cool story to tell."

Unleash the Apicary!
Nathan has been a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles since it opened. There, he regularly stages increasingly insane character creations like a chef who teaches aspiring culinary creators how to make raspberry tarts by smacking themselves in the face with pans and Simmons Dupont, star of the aptly named series "Stupid Idiot."

Keith Apicary sprang to life when Nathan purchased a slightly used Neo Geo arcade machine for just $200, a console that became the focal point of most of Keith's videos.

"I just started talking out loud and some spit gathered in my mouth," Nathan says, describing how he came up with the character's voice. "I also always wanted to do something with the name Apicary. I had the name saved."

Nathan describes Keith, as a grown man "who probably stopped growing mentally at the age of 14 when he was having the most fun, playing Genesis."

"He's the character I do [who is] most like me," Nathan reveals. "I like video games. I'm clumsy. I fall down. I like 'Rambo.' All the things Keith likes, I generally like ... I'm pretty immature."

From YouTube to the Boob Tube
Barnatt started submitting videos of Keith's documentaries to ScrewAttack as a "G1," the site's nickname for its legion of followers. The shorts became so popular that ScrewAttack brought him on as part of its regular roster, alongside The Angry Video Game Nerd and nerdcore musician Brentalfloss.

His popularity also earned him the attention of Comedy Central, which is producing a pilot for Keith that Nathan is writing with his brother Seth and former "Beavis and Butt-head" head writer Kris Brown.

"Right now there is a script order, but it's promising because they want to be involved every step of the way," Nathan said. "They are going to make sure it's good so they want to shoot it. So, if they're involved, there is less of a chance of them saying no to it later."

Nathan has already been down this road before, filming pilots for Comedy Central. His attempts have included a remake of Trey Hamburger's "Ghosts/Aliens" book, as well as UCB founder Matt Besser's sketch show "This Show Will Get You High."

Regardless of whether his latest project makes it to air, Nathan said the comments and fan letters he gets on a daily basis prove that his work is an accomplishment all of its own.

"Even if I never got my stuff on TV, if I helped someone or made someone happy, that's all I need," he said. "I don't need TV to feel good about myself."