Mark Perez The Lifesize Mousetrap
Remember the board game Mouse Trap, where you had to capture a plastic rodent by building the world's most inefficient machine? Well, the game was re-built to catch mice of epic proportions. Behold, The Lifesize Mousetrap ... possibly coming to the New York Hall of Science in September.

The 25-ton kinetic machine is the brainchild of Mark Perez, who uses a bowling ball, a 30-foot-tall crane and a 2-ton bank safe, among other wacky items, to recreate the classic board game.

"I have always loved the game," Perez tells Asylum. "As a kid, I would lose some of the pieces, get a new set the next year and start to put them together, creating a sort of mutant mousetrap. I'm very interested in creating spectacles, so it inspired me to create my own big art."

Trouble is, as with anything involving recreating life-size versions of board games from yesteryear, it takes a lot of moolah. Perez and his wife launched a Kickstarter campaign, but that is far from reaching its goal.

"Transportation costs consume a huge portion of our budget," the San Francisco native says. "It would be really fantastic if we could raise another $10,000 for this tour. Our crew does this without pay, so we try to take care of everyone the best we can."

Throw some dough into the kitty to bring The Lifesize Mousetrap to NYC. (Lord knows we could use it.) In the meantime, you can watch a video of the spectacle after the jump.