Someone figured out a great way to get people to buy underwear for ridiculously inflated prices (like $30–45). It's called Nutty Tarts and, despite the name, it's not a Tumblr about ballsack runoff or something. Instead, it's one company's underwear product line, which features drawn-on hair on the exterior of the undies.

Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri, a Finnish design duo, say their aim is "to do things like they have never been done before." Congratulations, ladies, this is certainly one of them. Screenprinting pubic hair on pairs of underwear or tacking on strange V-shaped chest hair on a T-shirt has not been done before ... because it's freakin' bizarre.

If we wanted to show off our incredibly erotic chest hair, which sort of looks like Tom Jones got in a fight with Willie Nelson's beard, we would just take off our undershirts. After all, who's going to see our tighty-whiteys or wife-beater tops except someone who's about to see what's underneath those items?

Keep reading for more photos of these ridiculous creations, which we have to hope are a joke.

Hairy undershirt for men and women. It's missing the hairy, manly armpits (or, for the ladies, "hairy French lady pits").
Hairy leggings for women, made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent attractiveness.
Hairy panties for women, with public hair screenprinted on. Style: hipster.

This is a company that, with apparent seriousness, also markets the "Bad Day paper bag" clothing line, which is actually just a paper bag that costs $8 and is meant to be placed over your head. Seriously.