When Aaron Burress, an Iowa native, was asked to be the best man at his brother's upcoming wedding, he fully understood the implications and responsibilities of his role. Only, instead of sticking to a cheesy wedding toast, the 28-year-old made it his goal to stand up (as in, on two feet) for the special occasion.

Sounds easy enough, but there's a catch: Burress has been paralyzed from the waist down for 10 years.

That's right. While other male wedding party members across the country were planning bachelor parties and talking the groom out of cold-feet mode, Burress was kickin' it miracle-style and training for the impossible.

Continue reading to see how Burress accomplished his goal.

Burress, who was paralyzed in a car crash at the age of 18, began working toward the seemingly impossible feat about three months prior to the wedding. And while standing may not sound like that big of a deal, it requires a lot of work (especially if you haven't been able to do it in a decade).

To gear up for the big day, this Iowa State University grad, with a wife and son, made regular visits to physical therapy specialists, purchased a pair of electronic braces and practiced as much as possible at home.

All this effort in hope of completing three ultimate goals that he set for himself: 1. stand for the duration of the wedding ceremony; 2. stand for all the family pictures; and 3. ask his wife to dance for the first time ever.

As of last Saturday, July 24, the day of the wedding, this best man superstar crossed off those three lofty tasks. In addition to standing during the 30-minute nuptials, Burress looked awesome in all those family photos and swayed back and forth with his wife during the reception.

If all that makes Aaron Burress sound like one kick-ass human being, that'd probably because he is. If only every best man had that much wedding spirit.

Click here to view the video of the ceremony, as well as footage of Burress dancing with his wife.