"I was back at home visiting my parents, who live right outside of Boston," Brooklyn-based comedian Joel Dovev told Asylum. "And I looked on the mantle and there this was Judaica stuff, like a dreidel and menorah. Then I noticed a model pirate ship, and I thought, What are we, Jewish pirates?"

But instead of searching his family tree for evidence of any kosher buccaneers, Dovev decided to set up a Tumblr, called Crap at My Parents' House, so he and others could have a space to document the surprisingly bizarre stuff they find lurking in the home of their folks.

Dovev launched the site in the middle of June, and, following some good publicity, he began to receive between 20 and 50 submissions a day.

Beyond the relatively fast success of the site, Crap at My Parents' House has taught Dovev an important lesson about his own mom and dad: "It made me realize how normal my parents are," he told us. "Because everyone's parents have weird crap at their house."

Read on to check out the some of the oddities, curios and bizarre decoration choices of Crap at My Parents' House, along with captions courtesy of Dovev.

Jesus playing soccer? Or Jesus being chased by a giant turkey and trying to save a soccer ball? You decide.

Well played, Mom. Point taken. I will stay away from the KFC now, and probably forever.

Just in case fabulousness calls.

This Tropicana radio has been going strong for over 20 years. Orange you glad you saved your proofs of purchase?

Nothing makes you get along as a family during Christmastime more than Mom keeping rat poison next to the holiday cookies.

Aww! Get it? 'Cause when you hang a suit on it, it looks like a dog is wearing it. Then you go to your job and try to jump out the window cause the dog's spirit haunts whatever it touches.

"No idea. Slightly terrified, but no idea."

"I guess this is what people who don't have Facebook do."

"Gentlemen, let us put our hands together and meditate for the demise of cats everywhere. When we have finished, guacamole will be served in the bowl before us."

All photos courtesy of Crap at My Parents' House.