Fan rushes field to hug Thierry Henry of New York Red bullsWho knew New York had a soccer team, let alone fans so crazy they bum-rush the field to jump on their favorite player?

On Saturday, the New York Red Bulls played the Houston Dynamo. During the second half of the match, two guys who must really love the Red Bulls' Thierry Henry, ran onto the field and double-teamed him with hugs.

The jackass pictured in blue fled security and ran back to the stands, only to be greeted by a pissed-off Dynamo fan, who tossed him back over the railing. Security was there to haul him away.

The match ended in a 2-2 draw, but who cares about the game when all the excitement is happening in the stands?

Keep reading for video of the interloper getting a taste of his own rabid-fan medicine.