Beer is liquid courage to many men, helping shy guys get up the nerve to talk to hot women -- like this week's stunner, Kristina. Don't let the dainty dress and floppy hat fool you -- she's a tomboy who loves to play co-ed softball.

But what do you do if you can't find a bottle opener to pop the top on a cold one? The BeerBot bottle-opening shirt ensures you not only look snazzy, but never have to miss hitting on a girl when you're half-drunk. Lucky her!

Which would you rather have?
Kristina -- Likes to play rough1893 (87.3%)
BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt -- Ensures you never misplace your bottle opener275 (12.7%)

Keep reading for pros and cons, and a hot head shot of Kristina.

Pro: Despite her looks, she's all for roughing it and ditching technology
Con: Admits she can be a bit too competitive
Pro: Knows about a sex position called "the passion propeller"
Con: Her mom stalks her on Facebook, which means you couldn't leave double entendres on her page

BeerBot Bottle-Opening Shirt
Pro: The shirt itself is pretty cool, sporting a drunken robot who bears a striking resemblance to Bender from "Futurama"
Con: Might lead to you drinking more
Pro: Guaranteed ice breaker with the ladies
Con: Not guaranteed to get you laid