Amber ElizabethLuckily for the men who get to populate it, there are virtually endless varieties of beautiful women in the world. Sure, some get more attention than others -- 5-foot-10, 120-lb. supermodels seem to be a popular variety -- but from plus-size to pint-size, we've got love for them all.

The 10 women below are unique because they've honed their bodies into lean, taut and highly functional works of art. But despite their gorgeous faces and chiseled abs, you might not know their names.

In that case, allow us to introduce you to these hot fitness models.

10. Noemi Olah
Hungarian model Noemi Olah won the medium class at the 2010 Arnold (as in Schwarzenegger) Amateur Bikini contest in Columbus, Ohio, this past March. Prior to that she won titles like Miss Universe Hungary and Miss International Tourism (makes sense, as we'd travel to be near her) and bared just about all in the Polish men's magazine CKM.

9. Monique Minton
Standing 5-foot-10, this exotic Texan (she's Filipina-Polish) is as tough as she is jaw-droppingly stunning. An IFBB bikini pro and FLEX and Muscle & Fitness cover model, "Momo" is also an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, having trained under UFC star Rodrigo Nogueira, and the winner of a gold medal at the 2009 NAGA Europa Championships. And yes, she enjoys grappling with men, as well as women. (Just as we were hoping.)
8. Amber Elizabeth
There isn't much crossover between the worlds of "legitimate" fashion and fitness but Amber Elizabeth manages to inhabit both. Born in the Congo to missionary parents, the 5-foot-7-inch gray-eyed beauty graced the cover of Oxygen magazine and was featured in a national ad campaign for Xenadrine. Add brains to her beauty (you can read her pensive blog here), and you have perfection.
7. Jelena Abbou
Serbian-born Jelena Abbou has proved a popular model for magazines like Oxygen, FLEX and Muscle & Fitness Hers, as well as companies, like Panasonic, and products, such as the AB Coaster. The 5-foot-6, 120-lb. New Jersey resident is also an IFBB fitness pro and a personal trainer.
6. Kristal Marshall
Kristal Marshall may be best known as a WWE Diva and mother of WWE and Strikeforce star Bobby Lashley's son. But, in the world of bikini competitions, she's just known as a winner. After defeating all comers at the 2009 USA Bikini Championships, she's now an IFBB Bikini professional, meaning she can win fabulous moolah simply showing off her perfect form onstage.
5. Zuzana Spears
Born in the Czech Republic in 1982, Spears recently put aside a career as a successful nude model to pursue one as a fitness advocate, by way of her site, BodyRock. There you can watch her work her perfect physique up into a nice sweat while you cool off with an icy brew. Or you can follow along, although odds are you won't be able to keep up with this fiery bundle of energy.
4. Mindi Smith
This recently minted IFBB figure pro's stats are actually 34-24-34, which may have something to do with her appearances on shows including "Entourage" and Spike TV's "MANswers," and in a commercial for AXE Body Spray, plus a ton of magazines and catalogs. If you're lucky, you might spot her training at Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif.
3. Dianna Dahlgren
Just 20 years old, this IFBB bikini model recently appeared on the cover of FLEX and was featured on Maxim Online as one of its "Super Hotties of Supercross." That's right, she's as comfortable tearing it up on two wheels as she is donning a two-piece and strutting her stuff onstage.
2. Jennifer Nicole Lee
"Hot property" might be the best way to describe Jennifer Nicole Lee, as she's a brand unto herself. She's marketed her books, courses and products on "Oprah" and appeared on the covers of untold magazines. A mother of two, she once weighed over 200 pounds, before dedicating herself to fitness
1. Alicia Marie
You may have seen this former pro figure competitor on MTV's "MADE" or HBO's "Chat Zone" or even the dearly departed "Chappelle's Show." Not a TV guy? Then surely you've spotted her in one of the dozen magazines in which she regularly appears. Standing a statuesque 5-foot-10, this beauty is also brainy, with degrees in neuroscience and psychology.