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World Cup Larissa RiquelmeWorld Cup babe Larissa Riquelme posed nude for a men's magazine. NSFW. (The Blemish)

The first teaser footage from "The Avengers" leaked. (Screen Junkies)

J-Woww's "Jersey Shore" audition surfaced. (Popeater)

Will Ferrell's NYPD recruitment video should probably not be shown at the Police Academy. (Next Round)

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called the gay marriage ruling "a milestone." (TMZ)

Quentin Tarantino
could direct a reboot of "The Shadow." (FilmDrunk)

Gisele Bundchen is a fan of breast-feeding. (With Leather)

Want to see Jimmy Fallon host the Emmy Awards? Bid now. (Charity Buzz)

Get ready to go back to school with the sexy and brainy Danica McKellar. (Maxim)

makes the list of the 25 bowling fails. (Holy Taco)