Just Wednesday, we brought you the strange and eye-popping story of Internet sensation Kira Ayn Varszegi, who paints simultaneous with two brushes of sorts -- more specifically her naked breasts.

Varszegi makes her living covering her 38DD boobs with paint and smearing them onto canvases. She is very good at her job. So, we were rather disturbed (and also secretly aroused) to learn that she may have a bit of competition on her hands.

"I'm the artist you wrote about in the article," Varszegi told us in an email. "Just thought you should know that the woman in the video [since removed] is some copycat from Russia who's been allowing me to take 'credit' for (amateur) work."

Miss Turtle Kiss is correct, as Asylum discovered during our in-depth investigation, which mainly involved spelunking around some cleavage shots.

The copycat goes by the name Viktoria. She has committed all sorts of crimes, not the least of which is claiming to have created this technique herself. (It doesn't help that sources like The Huffington Post appear not to have done any fact-checking on this one, as they repeat her claims without comment.)

Second, she lives in St. Petersburg, which is really far from Varszegi's home base of Hartford, Conn., so we are unable to visit her and examine her work up close -- if you know what we mean. (You know what we mean.)

Keep reading for video evidence of this boob at work -- and her breasts, too.

Viktoria's Internet presence is even shadier. Her YouTube clips feature strange descriptions like this: "Finally people can appreciate women for their breasts. When reporters arrived to look at the artwork, one painting commented 'Um, I'm up here.'" The YouTuber goes on to point out that boob jobs used to be considered embarrassing -- now, they're avenues for artistic expression.

The thief herself is virtually mum on the entire process. She told The Sun: "I had a dream one night that I was painting with my breasts and I made beautiful flowers on canvas." Hey, we had the same dream!