Pop-Tarts get a bad rap. Having most recently been unfairly compared to wastes of space, like Heidi Montag and Britney Spears, Pop-Tarts are seen as "going out-of-style" and "disgusting giant behomeths of sugar-frosted diabetic death" by people who want to live past 35.

This is distressing for those of us who like our mornings to include uncontrollable screaming and the need for a straitjacket while sugar psychosis subsides.

Luckily for us and fellow Pop Tarts (fans of the brand, not Lindsay Lohan-types) have cause to rejoice: Pop-Tarts World will open tomorrow on 42nd Street in the bowels of Times Square.

Yes, it's a cafe with 30 dessert, snack and otherwise perfect breakfast selections, which will be here until at least January. Then, hopefully, it will become a permanent fixture in Midtown because all of us will have patronized it religiously.

Pop-Tarts World is 3,200 square feet devoted to Kellogg's number one product, and, according to The New York Times, features the following creations: "the Fluffer Butter, marshmallow spread sandwiched between two Pop-Tarts frosted fudge pastries; the Sticky Cinna Munchies, cinnamon rolls topped with cream-cheese icing and chunks of Pop-Tarts cinnamon-roll variety."

Better yet, there are two sections of the "World" that you will find us camped out in long into the work day: a station where one can build one's own Tarts, with anything from coconut to caramel to, one presumes, huge dollops of syrup, and an area where one can order custom-made Pop-Tarts Sushi, which is a trio of Pop-Tarts chopped up and wrapped in a full fruit roll-up.

As if all this were not enough, Pop-Tarts World also features make-your-own-T-shirts, a themed light show every hour and video games starring the snack (like "Erotic Photo Hunt" with sexy Pop-Tarts).