Al Roker Stephanie AbramsRemember Stephanie Abrams from our Hot Girls of the Weather Channel report? Well, the correspondent proved this morning that she's just as resourceful as she is easy on the eyes, when she broadcasted the morning weather live from an elevator.

In addition to field-reporting and covering the 2010 Winter Olympics, she's also apparently Al Roker's fill-in weather girl on the "Today Show." Abrams was scheduled to make a cameo on this morning's program from 30 Rockefeller Plaza, which is across the street from the "Today'"s street-level studios.

Instead, with minutes to spare before the broadcast was due to go out live, the elevator Stephanie was riding in broke down. (Our general suspicion is that it was somehow Tracy Morgan's fault.)

With no one else on the show able to wave vaguely at a green screen, Abrams called her producer, who decided to have her broadcast the report from inside the 30 Rock elevator.

Luckily, around 8 a.m., Abrams was "rescued" from the treacherous machine by a maintenance team. The comely correspondent then Tweeted about it, writing "We are OUT and GTG!! first time stuck in elevator! who else has that happened to....stories? in 140 characters or less of course! ha."

Keep reading for the full clip of Abrams gamely doing the weather live without a teleprompter.