Remember when everybody used to be like, "JetBlue is the coolest -- I can watch 'The Simpsons' during my flight," and then everyone was like, "JetBlue is the worst -- I almost died of dehydration on the runway." Well, now everyone can be like "JetBlue?! Those b*tches are crazy!"

Yesterday JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater picked up the intercom and offered an obscenity-laden resignation over the P.A. system once his plane landed at JFK. Then he deployed the inflatable emergency chute, slid down it and took off running.

Apparently the whole thing was prompted by a passenger who told Slater to "f**k off" when asked not to get his bag from the overhead compartment until the plane stopped moving. After the grumpy passenger grabbed his bags, he closed the compartment door, which hit Slater on the head.

Before sliding down the chute, Slater thoughtfully tossed his bags in front of him, and grabbed a can of beer for the ride. And you thought it was pretty badass that one time when you quit by just not showing up for work.