Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Good-looking women may have trouble getting jobs that are considered masculine.

Researchers from the University of Colorado, Denver, business school gave volunteers a list of job titles and had them rate 55 female photos and 55 male photos on their suitability for those positions. Whereas the attractive male photos were deemed more suitable than homelier ones for any type of job, an attractive woman's looks worked against her with regards to certain professions.

The job titles that weren't deemed fit for female hotties included ones where physical appearance wasn't important, such as manager of research and development and director of finance. Attractive women were also judged unqualified for jobs that required strength, such as prison guard and tow truck driver.

Still, the researchers concede that an attractive woman is going to have much better overall job opportunities than a Plain Jane. And, of course, they also have free reign to speed on our highways.