Say hello to my little friend.It's kind of like "Scarface," if "Scarface" had a (sort of) happy ending. Angel Alvarez, now suspected of trafficking cocaine, was shot 21 times by police, but he lived.

The gunfight went down on Sunday when Alvarez started a fistfight with a man named Luis Soto at a Harlem block party. After beating the crap out of him, Alvarez stole Soto's gun and fired two shots at officers who arrived on the scene.

The police responded by firing an entirely necessary and definitely-not-too-many 46 shots back. Soto, who was not as lucky as Alvarez, was hit five times and died. NYPD later found about a pound of marijuana hidden in Soto's apartment and lots of baggies coated with a white residue and $87,000 at Alvarez's place.

It just goes to show the truth in a saying we have around the office here at Asylum: "Seriously, guys, stop bringing your guns to our parties." You'd be surprised how many times it's come up.