Ear sans lobeHoly Blue Steel! Suddenly biker bars don't seem quite so intimidating -- it's at "trendy midtown hotspots" where people are getting their freaking ears bitten off!!!! GAH!

Male model Ronnie Brown reached for his ear and found the bottom part missing after self-proclaimed "absolute monster" and "drag-terrorist" James Leahy, aka Jane Lane, bit it off in a kerfuffle at Highbar on West 48th St. Leahy says he was defending himself. Brown says, oh by the way Leahy also smashed him in the face with a glass. Leahy faces up to 25 years in jail if convicted of the felony assault charges he now faces.

Brown has had his ear reattached, but it looks like somebody had to wrestle it out of the mouth of a small dog to get it back. Whatever happened to just punching a guy really hard in the stomach?