Lawyers for the town Beacon, NY, found an old law on the books that said pinball machines are against the law. Now, they're using it to shut down a retro arcade museum that has had a few too many noise complaints.

No pinball?! Oh GAWD, it's like "Footloose" -- except we actually care about what's being banned.

Apparently pinball was outlawed in most of the country's major cities for a large chunk of the 20th century because politicians thought arcades were mafia-run rackets. And you thought Chuck E. Cheese was just a guy in a mouse suit.

The mayor has said that he wants to help the arcade stay in business, but, for now, since people are complaining and there's a law against it, there's nothing he can do to remedy the situation.

See video of the amazing vintage electro-mechanical machines at the arcade, as well as CNN's incredibly overblown emotional portrayal of the situation after the jump.