With cemeteries full, will undead fill the streets?New York City is running out of burial ground, and what's left costs a small fortune. It's like we're practically begging people to become zombies -- think of the money you'll save!

Presently, the cost of an above-ground mausoleum (for those of us terrified of worms, but totally cool with rats) can go higher than three million dollars!

Trinity Church in Washington Heights, which is Manhattan's last operating graveyard, has officially stopped selling plots, and Brooklyn's largest Jewish graveyard -- Washington Cemetery -- is totally out of land.

The city's largest Catholic cemetery is nigh on full as well, but Woodlawn in the Bronx might have space for another 40 or 50 years -- although it'll cost ya about seven grand for a single grave, eight Gs for having somebody stacked on top of you.

Accordingly, more and more New Yorkers are choosing to be cremated, 25 percent of deceased today verses 10 percent a decade ago. Maybe if they're lucky their family will take them to Singapore, and they can have a rockin' LASER FUNERAL!