This was NOT the robber in Ridgewood last week.We've been waiting for something exciting to happen in Ridgewood. Every week is the same "Is the party room in the Polish deli open yet? Do they have a disco ball?" Finally: a bank robbery to break the monotony.

The Chase bank on Myrtle Avenue was robbed last week by an unlikely character late last week -- a 5-foot-5-inch, 115-pound woman who never even hung up her cell phone to rob the joint. (Sadly, it was not this Old West human-size frog holding a bag of money we managed to find on the Internet).

Apparently, the crook (approximate age 19–22) kept chatting away while she handed the teller a robbery note. After taking the bag o' cash, the little lady made her getaway in a pair of flip-flops with an unknown amount of money.

We would be totally excited that there's a hot lady running around town with a sack full of cash, but, dude, she talks on the phone when she's in line at the bank. Deal-breaker.