Amber may have the hots
(and the slightly mischievous smile) to pull off being bad, but she steadfastly asserts that she's a good girl. She's never been arrested and even waited until after high school to have sex.

But maybe the Logitech G50 Vanguard mouse is something you'd rather play with. This unique hand-shaped mouse offers 23(!) buttons and is designed to reduce the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury) - something both gamers and Internet addicts can appreciate.

Which would you rather have?
Amber -- Nice girls finish first653 (78.4%)
Logitech G50 Vanguard Mouse -- High-tech web browsing in comfort180 (21.6%)

Keep reading to see another head-cocking photo of Amber, along with the pros and cons.

Pro: Owns a pair of jeans with holes in the butt and crotch
Con: Refuses to wear those jeans in public
Pro: Loves fast cars and isn't afraid to burp in public
Con: Once dressed up a boyfriend in women's clothes and makeup

Logitech G50 Vanguard Mouse
Pro: Perfect solution for all your PC gaming needs
Con: Numerous buttons may confuse you
Pro: Ergonomic design makes long days surfing the Web pain-free
Con: Could lead you to spend (waste?) more time online