Olivia MunnIn case you couldn't tell, we love geeks. Whether they're comic book aficionados, kick ass at "Halo" or dress up in crazy costumes when it isn't Halloween, we have a soft spot for them all. But what's better than a plain old geek? An incredibly attractive one, of course.

We've rounded up a group of gorgeous women who fit under various well-known geek archetypes to battle it out for hot-geek supremacy.

Name: Olivia Munn
Title: The Mainstream Geek
Where you may know her from: Um, everything? Munn co-hosts "Attack of the Show!" on G4TV, has lounged poolside half-naked for Playboy and recently joined the cast of "The Daily Show." The girl gets around.
Why she's here: While Munn's status as a "geek goddess" has sparked healthy debate nerd rage among some who question her credibility, there's no denying she's got a cadre of fans content to worship her. Munn's beauty and talent have recently led to greater exposure -- and more of her exposing herself, much to even her staunchest detractors' delight.

And, in the parlance of the Internet, if you aren't inciting strong feelings one way or the other, you're doing it wrong. Munn is most definitely doing it right.

Keep reading for more hot-geek types and to vote on your favorite.

Name: Jane McGonigal
Title: The Change-the-World Geek
Where you may know her from: McGonigal spearheaded the real-life MMO game "Evoke," which asked people to put down their controllers and complete challenges that could help make society better.
Why she's here: Everyone loves a dreamer -- someone who takes an abstract idea and shapes it into reality. McGonigal managed to combine popular aspects of gaming (like in-game achievements) with social networking and a meaningful cause.

"Evoke" rewards players for completing quests, grants them special powers for finishing missions, and offers something video games could once upon a time only dream of offering: a nice warm feeling for attempting to solve societal problems. Hot.
Name: Tina Fey
Title: The Funny Geek
Where you may know her from: Former anchor of "SNL"'s "Weekend Update," amazingly accurate Sarah Palin impersonations and starring as uber-nerd Liz Lemon in the sitcom "30 Rock."
Why she's here: Simply, Fey knows how to make us laugh. She may not be as big a geek in real life as she is on TV -- her character often makes "Star Wars" references and (shockingly) can't seem to catch a break with the opposite sex -- but we can't help but include her if only because of those glasses.
Name: Sasha Grey
Title: The Porn Star Geek
Where you may know her from: Recently Grey has been gracing "Entourage" with her presence, playing a role she's very comfortable with: herself. But most people are probably more familiar with her other work, like "Face Invaders 4" and "Throat: A Cautionary Tale."
Why she's here: Besides willingly posing as Wonder Woman for a photo shoot? That's not enough?

Grey admits to being a big comic book/graphic novel fan, with "Watchmen" and "Ghost World" among her favorites. While we doubt the creators of those comics ever thought a porn star would be a fangirl, it must be welcome news. Well, maybe not for Alan Moore, who hates everything.

Personally, we hope to see her continue to be cast in mainstream roles, and with Hollywood's reignited interest in comic book films (thanks in part to the success of "Iron Man"), maybe Sasha Grey as Diana of Themyscira won't always be a fanboy's wet dream.
Name: Danica McKellar
Title: The Math Geek
Where you may know her from: McKellar haunted the childhood dreams of millions of young boys as Winnie Cooper in the classic TV series "The Wonder Years."
Why she's here: We'll be the first to admit that math isn't sexy, but McKellar loves it, so maybe it deserves a second chance.

She majored in mathematics and graduated from UCLA at the top of her class. McKellar went on to write a trio of books on her favorite subject, the latest of which was saucily titled "Hot X: Algebra Exposed!"

If that wasn't enough to solidify her hot-geek cred, McKellar has also voiced the Invisible Woman in the "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" video game series and Jubilee in "X-Men Legends."

Rounding all this out is a recent appearance on "The Big Bang Theory" -- a show about nerdy geniuses. Sounds about right.
Name: The Frag Dolls
Title: The Competitive Gaming Geeks
Where you may know them from: Participating in -- and winning -- numerous competitive video game tournaments. If the game involves shooting people online, they play it.
Why they're here: It might be a bit unfair to include a group, but we couldn't pick just one Frag Doll, especially when they're all so hot. Maybe it's a prerequisite for earning a vaunted spot on the team.

The Frag Dolls aren't just a bunch of pretty faces, however. They legitimately kick ass at video games. They win tournaments, earn cash and are sponsored by video game–publishing giant Ubisoft. Anyone doubting their conviction to the hobby need only read their personal blogs.

Name: Allison Scagliotti
Title: The Geek Girl Next Door
Where you may know her from: The hit Syfy series "Warehouse 13."
Why she's here: The 19-year-old Scagliotti may be young in years, but her portrayal of Claudia Donovan -- a nerdy, smart-ass punk chick -- is so spot-on and entertaining we just knew there had to be some real-life geekiness fueling her performance. And we were right.

In addition to her love of indie rock, she raps, digs Comic-Con and swoons over British accents. Oh, and she played Wonder Twin Jayna on "Smallville."
Name: Jessica Chobot
Title: The Jack-of-All-Trades Geek
Where you may know her from: Hosting IGN.com's "Daily Fix" and "Strategize" video segments, licking a PSP.
Why she's here: Chobot not only loves video games, but has a fascination with anime, manga, j-pop, action figures, cosplaying and plush dolls. Her personal blog outlines all her geek fetishes, which also include: LARPing, an unsuccessful attempt to become a Frag Doll and admitting to a crush on video game character Nathan Drake.

Chobot certainly has her hand in numerous nerd cookie jars.
What's the hottest type of geek girl?
The Competitive Gaming Geek188 (4.0%)
The Change the World Geek75 (1.6%)
The Funny Geek984 (20.9%)
The Porn Star Geek571 (12.1%)
The Math Geek672 (14.3%)
The Mainstream Geek484 (10.3%)
The Geek Girl Next Door948 (20.1%)
The Jack-of-all-Trades Geek787 (16.7%)