Hasbro Jon Stewart storm trooperJon Stewart was born in 1962. So, he is probably a bit too old to fully appreciate the awesomeness that is having your likeness attached to your very own "Star Wars" figurine.

Hasbro did up a special edition "Stewart Trooper" to reward the comedian and "Daily Show" ringleader for hosting "Star Wars Celebration V," which took place in Orlando over the weekend.

George Lucas presented the 3.75-inch doll (a one-of a-kind which will not be available in stores) to Stewart during the convention.

The Stewart Trooper not only features a detachable helmet, but also two detachable heads -- one noggin is clean shaven and the other features Stewart's recently grown goatee.

Read on to check out more photos of the action figure, which should trigger countless "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" jokes.