Yesterday we reported on a Nutrisystem survey that found that the majority of women -- and a surprisingly high percentage of men -- said they would give up a summer of sex if it meant they wouldn't gain 10 pounds.

The survey also found that a whooping 73 percent of all adults would give up their cell phone for a summer, if doing so would result in a lose of 10 pounds.

So, we now know folks are willing to sacrifice both sex and their cell phone for being svelte. Now for obvious next question: If you had the choice between a full season -- three months -- of your typical allotment of sex or having regular use of your cell phone, which would you pick?

After the jump, we go to bat for both the sex and the cell.

Would you rather go three months without sex or a cell phone?
Cell phone -- not so long ago, cell phones didn't even exist2326 (70.7%)
Sex -- I can't help it, I'm hopelessly tethered to my cell phone964 (29.3%)

Stick With the Cell
Plenty of folks have gone three months without sex and come out no worse for wear. Now, it's possible a person has survived three months without a cell phone, but if they have, we've completely lost touch with them.

You are still much more likely to get an STD from a human than cancer from a phone.

It's really heard to find a pay phone these days.

Stick With the Sex
On the other hand, since everybody has a cell phone -- and most have unlimited minutes -- you can just ask to borrow someone else's if you really need to make a call. Doing so could work as an icebreaker and help you make a special new friend whom -- since you weren't dumb enough to give it up -- you would be allowed to have sex with.

Sex is a known stress reliever, whereas cell phones generally cause stress -- especially when you can't find the damn thing.

And finally, humanity was able to exist for about 200,000 years without cell phones, but would be wiped out in about 80 without sex.