It's probably still cool to strangle yourself.Well, it seems we're going to have to cancel our plans to spend our weekend strang-strang-strangling away. Gov. Paterson has signed into law a bill that makes intentional strangulation a crime.

Previously, unless a person received actual physical injury from strangulation, it wasn't considered assault. Now even without physical injury it's a misdemeanor, and if it causes injury it's felony assault.

Domestic-violence-prevention advocates say the new law will probably lead to more arrests in incidents of domestic abuse. Sorry, Wayne Brady, but if you're going to choke a b*tch, you better make sure nobody sees you, (Warning: Link contains NSFW footage of Wayne Brady in full-on gangsta mode.)

The law has been signed right as one of Paterson's aides, David Johnson, is facing charges for going all Terminator on his girlfriend, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off the ground, falling short of throwing her into a jukebox and tossing out a catchphrase. Police did not arrest him that night because they saw no signs of physical injury.