A scary scene unfolded in Argentina when a stunt pilot began falling to the earth after the wing came off his plane in the middle of an air show.

Amazing footage from the accident shows that not only did the pilot, Dino Moline, parachute to safety, so did his aircraft.

Dino's plane fell out of the sky during a flying display in Santa Fe, Argentina. While he was inverted, a wing suddenly popped off, sending the plane spiraling to the ground.

The 3,000 spectators thought that it was part of the display when Moline managed to activate the ballistic parachute system which is fitted to protect the pilot, the aircraft and, presumably, to give any poor fool below more time to run out of the path of the falling objects.

Fortunately the plane touched ground about 1,600 feet from the viewing public.

"I don't know what happened to me," said Moline. "I believe that it was metal fatigue, and I felt an explosion. I saw a shadow passing to the side of me and it was the wing. So, I listened to [the head of his acrobatic flying group], who yelled at me over the radio to deploy the parachute, which I did. I didn't think of anything. I saw fire inside the plane and I despaired a little. My foot got burned, but I'm fine."