History can be hilarious! Consider words with meanings that have changed over time (remember when "gay" meant happy, like "Grandmother is so gay"?), sexist advertisements that could elicit modern-day lawsuits and library books that now seem grossly inappropriate.

As luck would have it, Michigan librarians Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly discovered that the latter yields an especially large amount of laugh-worthy material. So much, in fact, that it's become a personal hobby for them to weed out amusing/borderline-obscene books to post on their website, Awful Library Books.

"Weeding is a part of most librarians' jobs," explains Hibner to Asylum in an exclusive interview. "Weeding" is the word used to describe this awesome hunt for books gone sour. "Most libraries move their weeded titles to their used-book sales since people love old books, funny books and collectible books," Hibner adds.

But instead of just throwing all those books into the sell pile, Hibner and Kelly are sharing them with the world. After all, they're good for laughs and occasional gasps.

Continue reading to see a selection of truly awful library books aimed at men.

Since the site's founding, the bibliophiles have made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and given frequent lectures throughout the country. All that exposure helps keep the site going, too, as the weeding duo often posts finds submitted by readers who peruse the site.

"People either laugh hysterically and agree that the posted title is a weeder, or they disagree and start a great discussion about the merits of the book," Hibner tells Asylum. "We love it when there is a good discussion about collection quality and weeding."

She continues, "We like old, funny books as much as everyone else. These aren't awful books -- just awful choices for a current, relevant, useful library collection."

Well, some are downright awful. Like "Johnny's Such a Bright Boy, What a Shame He's Retarded," "Don't Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A Child's Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse" and "Don't Call Me Fatso."

Here are a few more worthy of being weeded:

Raw carrot sticks? Do we look like Julia Child to you?

15 pages on the care and feeding of girls? Can't we just give them some raw carrot sticks?

Says you, Dale. We'll be just fine here in our emotional prisons.

Educating readers on the advantages of a glorious mullet.

Is the guy on the left playing solitaire?