Bingo scams are apparently a great way to make moneyThat's one way to make sure you always win at bingo -- just steal all the proceeds. We look at our marker-stained, moneyless hands and can't help feeling like total idiots on this one.

Spiros Moshopoulos was running bingo games at Bingo 82 in Jackson Heights with the help of Daniella Radelescu and Tommy Skiada. They said proceeds were going to charities, and then kept the money for themselves.

Not content with the takings from that venture, they also set up side-betting on individual numbers, kind of like the Jackson Heights bingo hall version of roulette for people who aren't satisfied by the adrenaline rush of regular bingo. All things said and done, they made off with $830,000 over the course of a few years. That's a lot of free turkeys.

Moshopoulos, Skiada and Radelescu, who used illegally obtained bingo licenses and owe the state thousands in fees, each face up to 15 years in jail, but the good news is, they probably have an idea of how to make some money while they're locked up.