Well, there wasn't a pony, but there was somebody calling herself "Knuckles the Clown," oddly enough. A young girl spent her 13th birthday in jail for selling crack to an undercover cop.

The girl apparently fell in with a bad crowd and was part of a bust in Far Rockaway that brought in 37 people for selling crack, OxyContin, marijuana and cocaine out of two housing complexes. It sounds like they need to start a bingo hall there or something. Her friends were having sex with the dealers for drugs and walking-around money, but the then-12-year-old was sent out to sell drugs for the men.

Terrence Jenkins, 21, probably didn't realize that it's been a felony since 2006 to send a child out to sell drugs for an adult, a crime for which he has now been charged. Fortunately for him, as we all learned that one time the kid with pinkeye showed up, ruining a birthday is not a criminal offense.