frustrated daterBack before the Internet and online personals were born, there was a phenomenon called "video dating." One of its advantages over today's methods: it was a lot harder to exaggerate your physical appearance or mislead with those from-above MySpace shots.

On the other hand, it was apparently populated with complete freakin' insane-atics, at least if these videos are any indication.

Keep reading for eight of the most awkward video-dating profiles ever.

1. This frustrated comic book store employee just sees the world a little differently than most of us, but only because "height is in the eye of the beholder." We gotta give him bonus points for that incredible denim jacket.

2. This girl looks pretty cute, but with a username like "Alcatraz," we can only imagine what a relationship with her would be like. Although we do like kitties.

3. Hey fellas, we found Steve Urkel's mom, and she's starving for your love. Perfect match for those of you who are into free movies and not enjoying work. (Everybody knows work sucks!)

4. Our next contender is an almanac of anime, so it seems. Louis is a sharp-witted shy guy, and he's just looking for a little nerd love. Since the posting of this video, we can only hope that he's found the curvy nerd queen he truly deserves. Way to put yourself out there, man.

5. This gentleman has quite a way with words. For somebody who's trying to meet people, he sure talks about his ex-girlfriend a lot. NSFW

6. Ladies, when BigLee gets you to tie him up to the bed, you should probably just leave immediately after. Video game designer by day, DatingOnDemand all-star by night, this dude will most likely recite poetry until your ears start bleeding.

7. Looks like somebody dropped the awkward bomb all over this guy's shirt. One alarming thing about this video is simply the fact that he's got his priorities all wrong. Usually people like to lurk around parks before they deliver the "I need a baby" line. (Language may be NSFW, as well as ultra-creepy.)

8. Can you carry heavy loads? Are you obedient? Do you like ... dragons? We've found your perfect match! Talk like cave man you must, and with that, we have "ska."

See? Your mom meant it when she said, "You're a catch." After all, this is the way she used to date.