On Sunday afternoon, an alligator crawled out of an overflowing sewer in Queens, prompting urban-legend believers to taunt, "SEE? Told ya so."

Although a gator running loose on the streets conjures up a "Man vs. Wild" scenario, the reptile was only 18 inches long and scurried under a parked car like a frightened little kitten.

According to the New York Post, the tiny beast was apprehended by animal control and will be taken to either a licensed rehabilitator or reptile sanctuary.

Since we were kind of hoping the alligator would end up in a deep-fryer down in Chinatown, keep reading to see where you can find your own gator in NYC ... on the menu.

Alligator in a Blanket at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill
Alligator sausage stuffed with apple, cheddar & bacon wrapped in a flaky pastry with honey mustard ($12)
346 West 46th Street; 212-245-2030

Alligator and Smoked Pork Sausage at Delta Grill
Gator and pork sausage served with a creole mustard dipping sauce ($10)
700 9th Avenue; 212-956-0934

Wani Umeshisho and Wani Ashoga at Natori
Broiled alligator meat with plum paste ($5) or ginger sauce ($6)
58 St. Mark's Place; 212-533-7711

Gator Bites at Mara's Homemade
White meat Louisiana alligator marinated in Cajun spices, tossed in seasoned cornmeal, fried crisp and served with remoulade ($10.50)
342 East 6th Street; 212-598-1110

Alligator Szechuan Style at Shun Lee Palace
Crispy chunks of tender alligator simmered in hot spicy sauce ($23.95)
155 East 55th Street; 212-371-8844