Over the past 10 or so years, the public has been bombarded with scientific studies showing that certain foods we like to eat -- from red meat to trans-fat-filled snacks to sugary drinks -- contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.

You couldn't avoid these scientific revelations if you wanted to -- they're featured prominently in the newspaper, on TV, all over the Internet and in the blather of that busybody at work who likes to keep track of what everybody eats for lunch.

Nevertheless, despite knowing more than we've ever known about what foods will expand our waistlines and make our arteries hard, the statistics show we're just getting fatter and more unhealthy.

So, what's the deal America? Are you even paying attention to the conclusions that these hardworking scientists are coming to? Or do you just not care?

Read on to see the arguments for and against heeding the advice of the latest science in order to moderate your diet.

Do studies that call out foods as unhealthy change your eating habits?
Usually -- my body is a temple and I treat it as such141 (16.6%)
Sometimes -- if I hear about them enough, I might change what I eat440 (51.9%)
Never -- I take a carpe diem approach to eating267 (31.5%)

You Should Ignore Those Eggheads -- And Their Annoying Conclusions
Studies exposing harmful foods are always contradicting each other: Just recently one found that red meat actually isn't linked to heart attacks, strokes or diabetes. So, you should just keep on considering Doritos one of the food groups until science inevitably recognizes that as fact.

"My grandfather / great uncle / next-door neighbor routinely ate bacon for breakfast, roast beef for lunch and steak for dinner. He washed it down with whiskey, and there was always an abundance of potatoes -- fried or fully stuffed. He was slim fellow who lived to 90 and was barely sick a day of his life."

Science regularly calls out yummy foods as being unhealthy, but rarely has anything bad to say about obviously bland dishes. We call foul!

You Should Try to Eat Right -- It's Probably Good for You
Yes, there is that trucker-hat theory that declares everything will eventually come back into style. But we're pretty sure being fat -- which has actually been considered stylish at certain times throughout history -- has somehow slipped completely off the giant wheel of trendiness.

Not only will diabetes kill you, it will do so slowly and painfully (and probably take your legs along the way).

If you eat healthy, you might live to the day when science is able to make nutritious foods that taste just as good as the crap that will kill you.