Dear Hipster, you've got to pay the tax manYou never know with these "cool" people these days -- they might spend $600 on an outfit that looks like it came out of a trash can, or they might have to run off to Spain because they owe the IRS $172 million and they have no money. Whoopsies.

It seems that Marcos Esparza Bofill should have spent a little less time acting like he was really bored and noodling around on his guitar and a little more time filling out a tax return for 2006.

Since he didn't do so, the IRS did it for him, and much like you don't want your mom to clean your room because she throws away all your stuff, you don't want the IRS to do your taxes because four years later you owe them $172 million.

Bofill was a day trader, so the IRS probably taxed him for all the trades he made, rather than the profit he made off of them, which seems like it was pretty small. After going broke and borrowing money from his family, he eventually had to move back to Spain. When told about his huge debt by a friend he reportedly said "What's the IRS?" Now that's cool.