Airlines are so desperate for business, they'll let anyone willing to pay their exorbitant fees fly without complaint. Case in point this unidentified gray-haired male, who flew first class out of Dallas/Ft. Worth the other day without pants.

According to a CNN i-Reporter, a fellow American Airlines passenger captured the startling image seen here of a man in a halter top and the skimpiest shorts outside of a Hooters.

"My husband observed ... this man wearing a thong with half his butt exposed," she said. "He flew first class, and I hate to imagine sitting in that seat next [to him.]"

We hate to imagine having paid first-class prices to have male butt rubbing your against your leg.

The American Airlines passenger guidelines brochure insists fliers must not be "clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers." This guy is allowed to fly, but Islamic extremists with high-powered explosives are taken to Guantanamo? This country is so unjust.