Our happy hour fact to amaze you drinking buddies with.

Black Americans rack up twice as many cell phone minutes as their white counterparts.

An analysis of cell phone bills by the Nielsen Co. found that the average African-American uses 1,331 talk minutes a month. The average white person, on the other hand, only goes through 647. The Caucasians aren't making up this difference through texting either, as they text an average of 566 messages a month, to blacks' 780.

African-Americans are slightly more likely than whites to have a cell phone, but not a land line. However, that doesn't account for most of the discrepancies in mobile phone usage. Whites also trail Hispanics (who chat for 826 minutes a month) and Asian and Pacific Islanders (692 minutes) in time spent talking on their cell.

One way to interpret these results is that white people are sort of anti-social. Another is that white people might have secretly developed the ability to communicate with one another through mental telepathy.