We guess it's just a risk you take when you try to steal somebody's stuff while he's having his picture taken 50 feet away. A Wisconsin man was arrested thanks to his accidental appearance in a family photo.

The Myers family decided to pose for a portrait outside the capitol building in Madison, Wis. After all, they were all dressed up. Papa Myers sat his bag down behind a column of the building and set up his camera on a wall with the self-timer turned on to take the family photo.

Just then, a thief popped up behind them and swiped the bag, accidentally photobombing their otherwise lovely family portrait.

When Myers realized his bag was missing, he checked his camera, found the man in the photo and reported it to nearby police who found the purse snatcher within minutes -- possibly because of his choice to wear loafers with tall socks and jean shorts. The good news is that all of Myers' stuff was recovered, so the thief's bad fashion sense can be a source of entertainment, rather than a reminder of the time they got robbed by somebody's grandpa.