Last week, we came across a Craigslist ad recruiting L.A. residents to dress up as superheroes in hopes of breaking Melbourne, Australia's standing world record for most people dressed in superhero costumes.

So, of course, we decided to join participants at the corner of Highland and Hollywood Friday afternoon in an attempt to get our names in the Guinness Book. Considering 1,245 Aussies took time off from their busy schedules to break the last record, we were a bit shocked to see that only a whopping eight showed up for America.

Not quite the "hundreds of costumed characters" promised by the since-deleted ad. Since the organizer didn't show either, we have to assume this was a cruel practical joke. Frankly, we don't see anything funny about these costumed men and women proudly displaying the very best the human spirit has to offer.

Who's laughing now, Craigslist prankster? Who's laughing now?