Drinking buddies. Wing men. Boozin' brothers. We've all got them -- those guys whose entire friendship is entirely based on a shared passion for the pub.

We at Asylum have given plenty of thought to drinking buddies in the past, taking the time to consider who'd make the best animal and the pro-wrestling drinking buddies. The next logical step, of course, was to compile a list of the ultimate fighting-game drinking buddies.

Game: "Street Fighter II Turbo"
Character: Zangief
Role in the group: The lovable Russian
Drink of choice: Vodka neat
"Street Fighter" is full of awesome characters. Everymen Ken, Guile and Ryu are a bit dull; Blanka is liable to electrocute you; and the less said about M. Bison and Dhalsim the better. In our eyes, we'd choose between Chun-Li, E. Honda and Zangief. Well, Chun-Li isn't old enough to get into a pub and E. Honda is just too fat to sit on a bar stool. We had to go for the massive Russian.

Keep reading for six more characters we'd like to do shots with.

Game: "Tekken"
Character: King
Role in the group: The one with the animal head
Drink of choice: Rum and Diet Coke
Geeks among you will point out that King is in fact dead, and therefore won't reply to our Facebook invite to join us down at the bar. Well, this is all hypothetical, so just let us fantasize about drinking with an orphaned Mexican street fighter who becomes a monk and fights to get the cash to build an orphanage.

Game: "Killer Instinct"
Character: Chief Thunder
Role in the group: The wise one
Drink of choice: A Corona with lime?
We've never met a Native American chief before, let alone a Native American chief who's fought in the "Killer Instinct" tournament, let alone a Native American chief who's fought in the "Killer Instinct" tournament and can do a reverse triplax. This was an easy decision. The thing is, would he want us to call him "Chief Thunder" all the time, or would just "Chief" be okay?

Game: "Super Smash Bros."
Character: Fox McCloud
Role in the group: The one with military service
Drink of choice: Erdinger, for some reason
Fox McCloud is one of every young boy's childhood heroes, and thankfully his appearance in the fantastic "Super Smash Bros" made him eligible for our next bender. A consummate professional, Fox would make a great drinking buddy, telling his tales of intergalactic warfare.

Game: "Mortal Kombat"
Character: Sonya Blade
Role in the group: The female friend
Drink of choice: Scotch on the rocks
Up to now our table is surrounded by an anthropomorphic fox, a Native American chief, a man with a leopard head and a massive Russian in a Speedo. Suffice it to say, we could use a woman's touch. That's where Sonya comes in. The original fighting-game hottie, Sonya is a special-forces agent who we reckon would be delightful company.

Game: "Star Wars: Masters of Teras Karsi"
Character: Chewbacca
Role in the group: The hairy one
Drink of choice: Chewie is a beer guy, surely
OK, so "Masters of Teras Karsi" isn't exactly a classic. In fact, it was a much-maligned part of Lucasfilm's continuing merchandise onslaught, but that doesn't matter. It was a fighting game and Chewie was in it, so he's here in the pub with us.

Game: "Double Dragon V: The Shadow Fall"
Character: Billy Lee
Role in the group: The normal(ish) guy
Drink of choice: Lager
We're talking about the cult-classic fighting game on the SNES. Billy seems like an average kind of guy, and every group of buddies needs a level-headed one.

Who did we leave off our list? Let us know in the comments.