Pebblez Da ModelA strange video of an obscure model named, appropriately enough, Pebbelz Da Model, has been floating in our inboxes all week, freaking us out like the ghost of Rick James popping up in our apartments and kicking out a mirror.

Pebbelz is a superfreak, and her badonkadonk is superfreaky. Men of the Internet have been ogling her for years -- to the point where she is able to run a successful members-only website populated by ass men who sign up for photos of Pebbelz in increasingly skimpier thongs and bikini bottoms.

Everything about this arrangement is fine with us, but when we saw this YouTube video starring Pebbelz and her giant pair of buttocks, well, questions were raised.

Keep reading for the video -- but we're warning you ... it's NSFW, not safe for your eyes and possibly not safe for your virginal ears.

The Internet is not sure what to make of this allegedly "new" shape. Is it real? Can it be possible that Pebbelz is growing her butt naturally, through working out and a deal with a very horny Satan? Or, as many rational people believe, is this monster butt the work of injections?

Either way, it seems science went too far on this one.