MTA's always waaaatching meeee!"I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE SOMEBODY'S WAAAAATCHING MEEEEE!" Now we can justify every time we accidentally belt out some Rockwell on the train: The MTA is setting up surveillance.

The MTA, which, in case you haven't heard, is trying to screw us over about six million different ways to Sunday, is spending about $748 MILLION on getting new cars that come ready to have cameras installed. Seriously? $748 million and we would kind of be hoping they might toss in the cameras as like a freebie or something. Sheesh.

290 of the new cars, called R179s, have been ordered, and 50 more are probably on the way. The new trains will replace the busted-up old beaters currently running on the A line, and should make 34 trains total. In the next six months or so, the MTA will decide whether they will exclusively run the "see trains," which would be in place by 2015

Also yet to be decided is whether or not to stick with their original "Notice: This train may be equipped with a video recording device" to notify passengers of the surveillance equipment, or if they'll use the more traditional "SMILE. YOU'RE ON CAMERA."