Need to lose a few pounds, tubby? Then take your body from lard to hard at one of these sweat-filled fitness classes for men.

Combat at the Sports Club/LA
Tues. at 8 p.m., Sat. at 11 a.m.; 212-355-5100

Fight the battle of the bulge by going into Combat, a high-intensity class that lets you release your pent-up aggression without getting your ass whooped in the process. Using heavy bags, the class consists of a combo of martial arts, boxing and conditioning drills. "It's definitely intense and primarily focuses on strength and speed," Director of Communications Kate Conti says. To attend, latch onto a member and cough up a $35 fee for unlimited access to the rest of the UES health club's facilities for the remainder of the day. That includes the steam room and a full-serve spa, where you can rest your post-Combat aches and pains.

Keep reading for more of NYC's best fitness classes for men.

Boot Camp at New York Health & Racquet Club
Mon., Wed. at 7 a.m.; 646-593-2122

Despite the name, you'll find more than just racquet games at this club, which boasts 11 locations in Manhattan. Popular among men is the outdoor and hardcore "Boot Camp" held in Battery Park and running through October. "The response is always amazing," group fitness director Maryann Donner says. "People in the park gravitate toward the workout. It's never boring." And at a mere 20 bucks a class (no membership required), it'll be worth the early-morning wake-up call to jump-start the day -- and your physique.

The Beast at Chelsea Piers Health Club
Sat. at 9 a.m.; 212-336-6099

With a sports center offering over 100 group fitness classes, it's hard to turn your roly-poly back from this riverside facility. And better yet, it's got solid workout classes perfect for tweaking and toning your bod, including The Beast. Led by a former U.S. Army master trainer, this super-extreme class combines squat thrusts, fire-escape climbs and obstacle courses with hand-clap push-ups performed in all 28 acres of the facility. "Participants encourage and assist one another," group fitness director John Boyd says. "The Beast is great for camaraderie." Each session provides a new challenge to keep you on your toes. Boyd adds, "And for the most part, men like to be challenged, mentally and physically."

Yoga for Jocks at David Barton Gym
Mon., Wed., Fri. at 4 p.m.; Chelsea Location, 212-505-6800

If you think the only benefit of doing yoga is being able to ogle bendy women, you're only partially right. D.B. Gym's Yoga for Jocks brings out the athletic beast in anyone with simple stretches and breathing exercises. But this ain't no easy-breezy workout. David Barton himself assures that you'll be breaking a serious sweat. "Instructor Paulo Hudson brings a new meaning to yoga in this sweat-drenching workout that will help you lift better, walk better and always look better naked," he tells Asylum. From hamstrings and lower back, to opening up your chest and improving balance, you'll be getting serious bang for your 35 bucks.

Boxing Lessons at the Trinity Boxing Club
By appointment only; 212-374-9393

Quit masking your stress -- it's OK that your weight, job and girlfriend are making you stress-eat. Just admit it, and move on and into this Financial District boxing club, where you can free your aggravation. "We'll teach you how to fight your own battles in and out of the gym," says owner Martin Snow. "We're the equivalent of a two-hand-touch football league, as opposed to the NFL. 95 percent of the people who come in here have never boxed before." Ease into the workout with their trial lessons ($30), where a trainer will teach you the basics of ducking, slipping and throwing punches.