hotfactsgirlsThe only thing better than hot girls is hot girls dropping knowledge about stuff we care about -- such as video games, comics and Star Wars.

And that's where Hot Facts Girls comes in.

Where else could you find out that the stormtroopers' weapons were real sub-machine guns used by British and Canadian forces in the 1950s? Or that Wookiees were originally called Jawas?

Well, sure, Wikipedia or Google would yield results. But why sift through all those words when a kind, hot girl is more than willing to educate you?

A popular channel for obvious reasons, the series of videos also covers a breadth of topics outside the standard nerd milieu. Videos covering tattoos, heavenly bodies (the planets, not the girls), the origin of Christmas, strawberries and left-handed people are also featured -- all maintaining the central premise of hot girls listing obscure facts. Yep, that's all it takes.

Check below for the hot facts girls in action.

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