We've all been there. You've been dumped by a girlfriend and can't stop thinking about her. Maybe you dig out a few old photos, or even spy on her via Facebook.

However, it's important not to cross a certain moral line after a relationship has ended. You know, like having a lifelike sex doll created in her image.

That's exactly what an understandably unnamed 50-year-old businessman did, after getting dumped by his blond girlfriend.

The jilted man is said to have taken a selection of images of his ex to an Italian adult-toy maker, asking him to reproduce her as accurately as possible in a sex doll.

Well, almost. He asked them to give her bigger boobs ... and a slightly curvier rear. But other than that, he wanted the sex doll to look just like her, down to small details like the shape of her nails and teeth.

The resulting doll cost $18,000 and is capable of taking on "any movement or position a human can."

Of course, we predicted that one day sex robots would be custom-designed to look like real people back in June 2008. Now that it's finally happened, we're surely one step closer to the inevitable proliferation of robot prostitution. Don't say we didn't warn you.