You gotta hand it to the Rap Genius for fool-proofing the plan to create the Rap Map, an online encyclopedia of reference for anyone who wants to know where an MC hails from (or where he got a cap in his ass).

Of course, New York City has the largest concentration of monumental places in rap -- from Notorious B.I.G.'s boyhood home, to the site of Yaki Kadifi's murder, to Jay-Z's favorite intersection for dealing coke (left).

But what makes this website so special is that, like the MTA Subway Map for Jews, Rap Genius made this ditty Wiki-style, allowing users to submit their own geographic knowledge of hip-hop.

So, next week, when you spot Raekwon kicking the hacky sack around with Justin Bieber in Union Square, please don't keep that information to yourself. Suggest a new Rap Map entry here.