Ashley Ann is a Southern beauty
whose idea of fun is laying the foundation at a construction site. (And we don't mean she likes home-building.) Maybe now "roll in the hay" can be replaced as a euphemism for sex?

To balance that out with something more literal, taking a ride on a giant hot-air balloon with a glass floor is scary. For acrophobics, there may be only one choice here.

Which would you rather have?
Ashley Ann -- Hot southern hospitality723 (89.4%)
Hot Air Balloon with Glass Floor -- Great until you look down86 (10.6%)

Keep reading for the pros and cons, plus Ashley Ann having a bikini malfunction at the beach.

Ashley Ann
Pro: During the aforementioned sex at a still-under-construction hotel, getting busted by security was just a minor inconvenience
Con: Knows guy-speak, so your tired "let's watch a movie" line won't work
Pro: Does everything in heels
Con: Could be clumsy -- she ended up on crutches after trying to cook in them

Glass-Floor Air Balloon
Pro: Amazing view of everything beneath you
Con: Even tethered flights have left people shaking and nauseous
Pro: Great way to get the adrenaline flowing
Con: There are safer ways to get the adrenaline flowing -- see picture