A group of strippers and their (we assume) mustachioed bosses are under attack from the FAA for blinding pilots with a ginormous spotlight -- and sexiness, of course.

The spotlight is affixed atop Bomb Shells Nude Cabaret. Southwest complained it is blinding its grizzled Sully Sullenbergers when they land in Dallas. The gentlemen's lounge is housed near the southwest terminal of Love Field, a favorite airport of horny businessmen and about-to-be-assassinated presidents.

One commenter on The Consumerist reminded us of a similar distraction near Wright Patterson Air Force Base. "It was a fairly large drive-in theater that showed films of an adult nature," the commenter wrote. "It was named the Fairborne Drive-In, but the locals referred to it as the 'Skyporn.'"

A country already freaked out about nitwit teenagers with laser pointers causing hundreds to plummet to their deaths will now have another reason to hate strip clubs. Meanwhile, drunk pilots looking at porn on their laptops will soon wake up from their stupors to discover they followed the homing beacon to Bomb Shells and have landed on top of it. Perhaps then we'll finally have a reason to be happy we've flown Southwest.

Check below for a news report on this terrifying threat to national security.