Leaping from a tall building is never a good idea -- unless you're Mel Gibson in that "Lethal Weapon 2" scene, or Mel Gibson after that voice-mail incident.

But suicide by skyscraper, according to The Wall Street Journal, is super-popular among despondent New Yorkers. It's their number two method of offing themselves, right behind "hanging, strangulation or suffocation."

In fact, jumper rates in the Big Apple are much higher than the national average, with New Yorkers accounting for more than one out of every seven jumper suicides in the U.S.

The reason for the big splat's popularity? Suicidal people will choose the fastest and easiest route to death, and our concrete jungle offers a buffet of worthy skyscrapers from which to leap.

So, to add a little more variety to New York's clan of self-destructives, we present a list of five alternative ways to ending it all in Gotham, after the ... jump!

1) Ask a mustachioed, skinny-jeaned chap on the L train to Williamsburg if he's heard of any good bands lately. Force yourself to listen to whatever follows.

2) Spend more than 15 minutes in Times Square.

3) Express your distaste for the bridge and tunnel crowd on the Friday afternoon Staten Island Ferry.

4) Take a shvitz at the Russian-Turkish Baths in the East Village, sans sandals.

5) Walk into the Sciacca Social Club in Bensonhurst and repeat the words, "I know who took care of that thing with that guy, and I'm telling everyone I know."

Can you think of a better way to take your final resting place in the city that never sleeps? Let us know in the comments section below.