No talking on the train!If you must go to New Jersey, good news -- there's now a way for you to make your commute without having to listen to Bon Jovi and people debating which tanning salon is best: quiet cars on the train!

The first and last cars on express trains running from Trenton the Penn Station are designated quiet cars -- no loud talking, no loud music, no loud anything.

And perhaps the best thing about the quiet cars (aside from the fact that you no longer have to hear about Tammy's rager last night) is that they are self-patrolled. Meaning, no tickets and no real conductors acting like hall monitors, but if you're the type of person who is easily annoyed by people yammering at the top of their lungs on the train you get to tell them to shut up or get out.

Of course, you might want to put it more politely if you don't like getting sprayed in the face with Aqua Net, but still ... quiet cars on the train, you guys!