Does this look like a crazy guy to you?Is he a criminal? Is he the mouthpiece of the service industry's fed-up id? Or is he just straight-up bonkers? Fortunately we shall soon know the answer, as Steven Slater has submitted himself to psychiatric testing in the hopes that maybe he's the latter and will be sentenced accordingly.

The alternative sentencing program is for people with mental illness, or alcohol or drug problems. Maybe that's why he grabbed those two beers for the road before he slid down the emergency chute to freedom. If he is not eligible for the program, Slater faces up to seven years in jail, where, last we checked, they don't have fun inflatable slides available for you to use in getaways. Seven years is a long time to be "fighting" with "passengers" about "overhead compartments," if you catch our drift.

If he does qualify for the alternative sentencing program, he might be able to avoid jail entirely, and you know what that means -- "Steven Slater Explores the Slides of New York"!!!